Plycraft eames lounge style chair redo.

Plycraft Eames lounger chair style. This was an interesting project. There are so many different eames style chairs out there. I had never seen this model with the outer shells wrapped in vinyl also. I think it looks great. There is the ottoman as well. Redone in “rave” very leather like vinyl. The base’s spring is totally worn out so when you tipped back you went ass over tea kettle. I took it to my Friend Atom Pechman at form from form. He welded a plate on the back of the base to keep the chair from tipping too far back when reclining. Works good now. You can recline but not too far. It also had a missing foot which made it somewhat annoying to sit in. I ended up making a replacement out of a screw, 3 washers and some leather in two diffenet applications. Sits level, ready for use. Thanks Jess

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