What is Vinyl-lux?


    Thank you for your interest in my work. Vinyl-lux is what I call my vinyl pictures. Tikis,tattoo flash,cartoons,wildlife scenes,pet portraits,etc,etc. I have done it for customers on bags,pillows,furniture,auto seats,wall art,etc. The possibilities are endless. All of the pictures are made from different pieces of vinyl that are cut out and sewn down by me with much attention given to detail. Making multiple layers of color.                     

          As it says on the side of the Walker art center in Minneapolis. “Bits and pieces put together to present the semblance of a whole”  I’ve always thought that describes Vinyl-lux well.    Check out my etsy store for Vinyl-lux stuff for sale now. Free shipping on most items. http://www.etsy.com/shop/natescustomsewing

      Call me today with your idea. 612 720 9529 Nate Van Hofwegen

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