Motorcycle,scooter,and bicycle seats.

      My seat redos run from 150-400. I use high quality marine grade vinyl. Leather is available also. I can recreate any stock pleat pattern. Or completely redesign the seat cover and foam to make you the seat you want. We could do some two color pinstripe stitching and colored welt seam.  I can chop your foam to new looks or build the foam from scratch. All while using your stock seat pan or I can custom fab new pans also. All the metal pans get washed,sanded,scraped and shot with black rustoleum paint. When it’s needed, but it is usually needed. I always glue a leather strip around the bottom lip of the metal pan so the material will never be bitten and torn by a metal edge. I use a product called EZ-film between the seat cover and foam. It keeps the seat cover and threads from wearing out against the foam. In other words if I redo your motorcycle seat, it is good for a long,long, time.

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