Make your own mid-century modern style ottoman.

   Sunday I decided to make an ottoman. I have been looking for a cool one to redo. No luck, so since they are really so simple to construct I grabbed some 2x4s I’ve had hanging around the shop. I cut two lengths at 24″.Two more at 15″. Make a box out of that and you get 18″x24″.  I then glued and screwed that together. Using my L-square and a few furniture clamps.  I then slapped some more wood over the top of the box. Then I used scrap foam from a local upholstery shop that does restaurant booths. I put in hours there so they let me take scraps. I glued 3 ” of foam on top and cut around the edges with my electric turkey cutter. Drilled 4 holes int box for the button strings to pull through. Wrapper dacron fiber over the top of the foam and stapled down the sides.

  Using my favorite gold brady bunch fabric I sewed the top cover. Using the “Barcelona tuck” I call it. Similar pleating to a barcelona chair. Then pulled down with buttons. Oh it looks so good. Very “mad men”. Roger Sterling would be proud to kick his feet up on this. Then you sew a band to wrap around the lower body and your done. I bought the legs and plates from Ace hardware. It’s comfy and it was cheap.I bought a whole roll of the vintage upholstery fabric for ten bucks. Free wood and foam.

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