About me.

Vinyl-lux sewing and upholstery is Nate Van Hofwegen and 2 industrial sewing machines. I offer classic,Kustom, and hot rods seats and interiors. Motorcycle seat upholstery. Vintage furniture upholstery and sales. Commercial and retail interior upholstery and design. Original handbags and accessories. Vinyl-lux wall art.

I have done sewing and upholstery work for Target corp. headquarters, Polaris including Indian motorcycles and victory. I have done custom work through Victory motorcycles for Nikki Sixx and the metal band Five finger death Punch. I have┬ádone work for Google through a local company called make retail. Many motorcyclists around the country send me their seats for upholstery. Most local motorcycle and scooter shops in the Twin Cities area send their customers to me. Including Bluecat motorcycle,Scooterville, Roy’s repair etc. give me a call or send me an email today.


I grew up in New Brighton MN. Live and work in Minneapolis. Married with two 2 daughters. Life is good.

My shop is located at

211St.Anthony parkway ne

Minneapolis,MN. 55418

Suite B-3

Phone 612 720 9529

email: natescustomsewing@hotmail.com

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